My vent on iPhone 3G in Belgium.

I’m writing this non-programming article because I’m uber frustrated by the iPhone G3 launch here in Belgium. It’s been now over 4 months since introduction and I still haven’t been able to buy an iPhone.( I prefer to 16Gb black iPhone but there also shortages on the other models.) I’m on a few waiting lists and when I call […]

Vista vs OS X driver hell.

18 months ago just after Microsoft released Vista, they got hammered for the (video) driver problems that came along with Vista. Lots of dissatisfied customers and lots of Linux and Mac fans that took the opportunity to take a clear shot on Redmond’s new release. Guess what… Apple’s latest OS X has his driver problems […]

Tools : .NET Reflector

update 11 May 2011: Unfortunately Reflector is no longer free since March 2011. Luckily JetBrains created a new decompiler that is free. You can find more information here: or on the JetBrains website. -end update- One of the most useful and indispensable pieces of software in my entire .NET toolkit. During SharePoint programming I […]

Closed and hidden web parts.

A feature I would like they thought of better is the ‘close’ web part. You close the web part (or click on the x) and assume it’s gone. But actually the web part is just hidden on the page. Although it is not visible to the end-user and it does not generate HTML code it […]