Getting the world stored procedure free.

Lately I’m focusing myself on the ease of use of my code. I prefer that it is easy to read and maintain. I don’t mind if it’s not the best performing piece of coding. As long as it is logically stuctured, easy to read, implement the correct OO and design patterns and uses the same naming convention […]

255 character choice field limit?

In SharePoint Portal Server 2003 there is a limit of 255 characters for multi-line text fields in document libraries. With SharePoint 2007, the problem has been resolved (note, the limit was not a SharePoint database issue but an Office limitation)… However when you create a choice list with check boxes and allow multiple values the […]

Upgrade your SQL Server (version).

Haven’t we heard it before. You installed SharePoint just to play arround with it. And suddenly , before your realise it, your small SharePoint installation based on SQL Express starts living it’s own life. For some reason managers tend to be brilliant in inventing quick and dirty SharePoint websites. After a while the SQL Express […]

A Mac for .NET development. Part II.

Apple hardware is getting popular, even in the .NET world. Just a few weeks ago a colleague bought himself a new Mac Book Pro, one of our project managers started asking weird questions about our ‘experiences’ with Apple hardware and our CEO is secretly using an iPhone 3G since a few weeks ( most of us […]