.NET Continuous Integration with TeamCity

Christophe Geers has a great article about how to setup a build server with Jetbrains TeamCity. Read his article here: http://cgeers.com/2011/05/28/running-unit-tests-with-teamcity/ I ‘m planning on integrating a build server in my Media Center. I was still reading up on all the different products and technologies available. After reading Christophe’s article I might go for the […]

Tools: dotPeek. The free decompiler.

Good news!! JetBrains released the first version of their free decompiler tool, dotPeek. Since the February 2011 the .NET community was looking forward for a new free decompiler tool after RedGate announced that their insanly popular decompiler tool ‘Reflector’ would no longer be free. Jetbrains reacted and is giving the .Net community: dotPeek. DotPeek was […]

Google Maps in SharePoint 2010 using standard functionality.

Introduction. In SharePoint 2010 you can use Google Maps without having to download extra webparts or third party tools. In this article I will explain how you can insert “Google Maps” maps in your SharePoint 2011 site with only using standard out of the box SharePoint 2010 features. It’s a generic solution which can also […]