SharePoint 2013 Preview. 24GB RAM?

Had a OMG moment this morning.

According to Bjørn Furuknap’s blog and the SharePoint Server 2013 Preview documentation you will need 24GB of RAM to develop for SharePoint 2013. (SharePoint 2013 Foundation: 8GB)

I was expecting an increase but 24GB was not in line of my expectations. On the other hand SharePoint development always was a memory hog. With SP2007 you needed at least 4GB. Even now not all laptops have 4GB. Back in 2006-2007, 512Mb was the standard. There are some rumors that by disabling SharePoint Server Search you can do development with a little less (12GB-> 16GB)

Like Bjørn is already stating in his blog: RAM is cheap.

btw Any tips on how to convince IT managers to buy new laptops. 😉

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