SharePoint 2013 list of all CU updates

A quick update on my “Overview of all SharePoint 2013 updates” article.

Last September I created a PDF file with an overview of all the issues fixed with the SharePoint CU updates.
I updated this file with the October 2013 CU and December 2013 CU updates for SharePoint 2013 Server and SharePoint 2013 Foundation. It has become quite a big listing with 20 pages of issues and bugs fixed by the SharePoint 2013 CU updates.

List with all fixed issues

You can download the file here:

To download the actual updates or for more information about the updates: visit the blog of Stefan Go├čner

General remarks

Note 1 that the “December 2013 CU for SharePoint 2013” update exists out of two files that need to be placed in the same folder before starting the install.
Note 2 The Project Server 2013 fixes are not included in this update. If you have a project server 2013 you need to install the extra update 2837668

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