SharePoint 2013 tools.

My SP Toolbox. A quick overview of the tools I regularly use while creating solutions for SharePoint. Boost productivity and limit debug sessions. SharePoint Manager The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property. CAMLDesigner The CAML designer […]

Coveo search breaks jQuery?

Update 2009-04-23 : Thanks to Coveo support. I was able so resolve this issue. See below for details. While I was creating a custom web part using the jQuery treeview plugin,  I ran into an issue with Coveo Search.  The click events ( to expand / collapse the treeview nodes) didn’t work anymore. The web part […]

jQuery: Fix your postbacks in Modal forms.

Introduction. Lately, I ‘ve been exploring the use of jQuery in ASP.NET applications.  If you haven’t got the chance yet to try it out, do so!! It is certainly an added value, even when programming in .NET. However the modal forms can break the postback functionality of your ASP.NET pages. Read below for how to fix […]