Introducing errors with memoryLimitMegabytes.

Introduction Many posts inform you about limiting the amount of memory of the SharePoint 2013 Search component by setting the “memoryLimitMegabytes” attribute to a number higher than zero. Most of these posts were created after the SharePoint 2013 preview, contained a nasty memory-leak that consumed your server memory in no time. The problem. When you […]

Overview of all SharePoint 2013 updates

I compiled a list with all the updates and fixes of the (4) SharePoint 2013 CU updates . Useful if you are wondering if certain ‘strange’ behavior is a known fixed issue. You can download the list here:   To download the updates :      

SharePoint 2013 tools.

My SP Toolbox. A quick overview of the tools I regularly use while creating solutions for SharePoint. Boost productivity and limit debug sessions. SharePoint Manager The SharePoint Manager 2013 is a SharePoint object model explorer. It enables you to browse every site on the local farm and view every property. CAMLDesigner The CAML designer […]

SharePoint 2010 language pack downloader.

Ran into this helpful tool on Codeplex today. The SharePoint language pack downloader ( Manually downloading all the needed language packs from the Microsoft site can be handful. You have to download an extra pack when you have the SharePoint Server version installed. Multiply the amount of packs by 2 if you have a service […]

Read SharePoint log files.

Introduction This topic might seem basic but I get the question quite often. How do you read logs? Reading the log file. The simplest way is opening the log files from the 14$logs in Notepad. This might be quickest way but not the most efficient in a live multiuser environment. I usually use this in […]

Tool: Application Tool manager 3.0

Quick description Application Tool Manager (APM) is a great utility when programming for SharePoint 2010 (and general (IIS) web development) . Very handy if you want to attach your debugger to a specific w3wp.exe Process ID (PID) The description on their website This freeware application is a System Tray utility for providing quick access to […]

Tools: dotPeek. The free decompiler.

Good news!! JetBrains released the first version of their free decompiler tool, dotPeek. Since the February 2011 the .NET community was looking forward for a new free decompiler tool after RedGate announced that their insanly popular decompiler tool ‘Reflector’ would no longer be free. Jetbrains reacted and is giving the .Net community: dotPeek. DotPeek was […]