New release: SPDispose v14.0.4762.1000

We have discussed the SharePoint 2007 SPDispose tool here before. A new version is now available with SharePoint 2010 support and a Visual Studio add-in. In addition to dispose guidelines they have also added rules on when not to Dispose. For example you do not want to dispose your SPWeb en SPSite objects in your […]

IIS Access denied during deploy of solution

When trying to deploy my SharePoint 2010 solution via Visual Studio 2010 I got the following error. Error occurred in deployment step ‘Recycle IIS Application Pool’: <nativehr>0x80070005</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack> Turned out that I forgot to add my user to the “Site Collection Administrators”. Go to “Site Actions” of the root site , add your user to the […]

Tool: SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1

The Sharepoint team released a handy tool that helps you detect incorrectly (read: not) disposed objects.  It provides assistance in correctly disposing of certain SharePoint objects to help you follow the published best practice. Best practice is to dispose you objects that inherit from the IDisposable interface.  There is more info  about disposing objects in […]

Upgrade your SQL Server (version).

Haven’t we heard it before. You installed SharePoint just to play arround with it. And suddenly , before your realise it, your small SharePoint installation based on SQL Express starts living it’s own life. For some reason managers tend to be brilliant in inventing quick and dirty SharePoint websites. After a while the SQL Express […]

Tools : .NET Reflector

update 11 May 2011: Unfortunately Reflector is no longer free since March 2011. Luckily JetBrains created a new decompiler that is free. You can find more information here: or on the JetBrains website. -end update- One of the most useful and indispensable pieces of software in my entire .NET toolkit. During SharePoint programming I […]

Tool : U2U CAML Builder

When you need to program a CAML query to a query for items in SharePoint you will quickly run into the complex wonders of CAML.  Luckly for us Karine from the Belgian firm U2U has created an easy to use GUI for creating CAML queries by just clicking and selecting the needed lists, filters, sorts etc… Download it […]

Macbook pro and Vista 64bit (x64) issues

Lately I had some questions from a friend that also bought a Macbook pro but (accidently) bought the 64bit version of Vista. Vista 64bit is not supported by Apple’s bootcamp. Vista will install properly but the drivers provided by Apple are not 64bit ‘capable’. The good news is. If you have some technical (Windows) background […]