SharePoint 2013. Content Search web part.

The content search web part is just brilliant. Not only does it let you aggregate, filter and find content and their metadata. The new way of styling with the new display templates is a huge relieve after all the xslt horror in the SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 versions. One word of caution: I learned the hard way […]

SharePoint 2010 language pack downloader.

Ran into this helpful tool on Codeplex today. The SharePoint language pack downloader ( Manually downloading all the needed language packs from the Microsoft site can be handful. You have to download an extra pack when you have the SharePoint Server version installed. Multiply the amount of packs by 2 if you have a service […]

Tools: dotPeek. The free decompiler.

Good news!! JetBrains released the first version of their free decompiler tool, dotPeek. Since the February 2011 the .NET community was looking forward for a new free decompiler tool after RedGate announced that their insanly popular decompiler tool ‘Reflector’ would no longer be free. Jetbrains reacted and is giving the .Net community: dotPeek. DotPeek was […]

New release: SPDispose v14.0.4762.1000

We have discussed the SharePoint 2007 SPDispose tool here before. A new version is now available with SharePoint 2010 support and a Visual Studio add-in. In addition to dispose guidelines they have also added rules on when not to Dispose. For example you do not want to dispose your SPWeb en SPSite objects in your […]

Tool: SPDisposeCheck v1.3.1

The Sharepoint team released a handy tool that helps you detect incorrectly (read: not) disposed objects.  It provides assistance in correctly disposing of certain SharePoint objects to help you follow the published best practice. Best practice is to dispose you objects that inherit from the IDisposable interface.  There is more info  about disposing objects in […]

Getting the world stored procedure free.

Lately I’m focusing myself on the ease of use of my code. I prefer that it is easy to read and maintain. I don’t mind if it’s not the best performing piece of coding. As long as it is logically stuctured, easy to read, implement the correct OO and design patterns and uses the same naming convention […]

A Mac for .NET development. Part II.

Apple hardware is getting popular, even in the .NET world. Just a few weeks ago a colleague bought himself a new Mac Book Pro, one of our project managers started asking weird questions about our ‘experiences’ with Apple hardware and our CEO is secretly using an iPhone 3G since a few weeks ( most of us […]