Chrome… who cares !?

Who cares about Chrome. I must be one of the few very web developers around that didn’t bother to install Chrome. Why? The answer is simple. Who cares? As long as Internet Explorer 6.0 still has 25% market share, Chrome will be the next odd-ball sitting next to Opera and Safari. Don’t get me wrong. […]

Upgrade your SQL Server (version).

Haven’t we heard it before. You installed SharePoint just to play arround with it. And suddenly , before your realise it, your small SharePoint installation based on SQL Express starts living it’s own life. For some reason managers tend to be brilliant in inventing quick and dirty SharePoint websites. After a while the SQL Express […]

ASP MENU with CSS friendly adapters.

The default ASP.NET Menu control doesn’t really generate HTML code that you can style nicely with CSS. There are some solutions available like CSS Friendly Control Adapters from Codeplex. Although I never had the time to look at them. Now, I just found this great article, on a blog of a personal friend,  that covers it […]

Tool: WspBuilder

WSPBuilder is a tool for building web solution (WSP) files to deploy out to a SharePoint farm.  It is free, open source, and available on CodePlex here:  It is a tool that, in my opinion, every SharePoint developer should be using. I used it on my own SharePoint projects with great success. Manual can […]

My vent on iPhone 3G in Belgium.

I’m writing this non-programming article because I’m uber frustrated by the iPhone G3 launch here in Belgium. It’s been now over 4 months since introduction and I still haven’t been able to buy an iPhone.( I prefer to 16Gb black iPhone but there also shortages on the other models.) I’m on a few waiting lists and when I call […]

Vista vs OS X driver hell.

18 months ago just after Microsoft released Vista, they got hammered for the (video) driver problems that came along with Vista. Lots of dissatisfied customers and lots of Linux and Mac fans that took the opportunity to take a clear shot on Redmond’s new release. Guess what… Apple’s latest OS X has his driver problems […]

So it begins.

Gosh, well huh.. my 5 cents to the online programming community after years of leeching information. First started off on Blogger.  But I switched to WordPress.  I reposted those articles here.