Migrate SharePoint 2003 database to an SQL 2005 server.

A client was moving their >7 year old SQL 2000 cluster to SQL 2005. Reason? Old hardware and staying up-to-date with latest software. Their SharePoint 2003 was also using this server. This Microsoft KB article explains perfectly how to move the SP2003 database to an other server : Micosoft KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/894164 However our situation was […]

Macbook pro and Vista 64bit (x64) issues

Lately I had some questions from a friend that also bought a Macbook pro but (accidently) bought the 64bit version of Vista. Vista 64bit is not supported by Apple’s bootcamp. Vista will install properly but the drivers provided by Apple are not 64bit ‘capable’. The good news is. If you have some technical (Windows) background […]

So it begins.

Gosh, well huh.. my 5 cents to the online programming community after years of leeching information. First started off on Blogger.  But I switched to WordPress.  I reposted those articles here.