Azure diagnostics. How to troubleshoot your code.

Introduction Visual Studio 2013 includes a lot of great tools to make Azure development painless. But sometimes you need to diagnose, debug or troubleshoot programs installed in the actual Azure envirnoment. Here is a quick tutorial on how to enable and inspect debugging information in Azure. Follow these steps to configure logging in an Azure […]

Read SharePoint log files.

Introduction This topic might seem basic but I get the question quite often. How do you read logs? Reading the log file. The simplest way is opening the log files from the 14$logs in Notepad. This might be quickest way but not the most efficient in a live multiuser environment. I usually use this in […]

Tool: Application Tool manager 3.0

Quick description Application Tool Manager (APM) is a great utility when programming for SharePoint 2010 (and general (IIS) web development) . Very handy if you want to attach your debugger to a specific w3wp.exe Process ID (PID) The description on their website This freeware application is a System Tray utility for providing quick access to […]